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GBA UAE proudly presents the Discussion on Enterprise Blockchain Governance

What is Governance?

“The system by which entities are directed and controlled. It is concerned with structure and processes for decision making, accountability, control and behaviour at the top of an entity. Governance influences how an organisation’s objectives are set and achieved, how risk is monitored and addressed and how performance is optimised”

As the size and complexity of blockchain platforms grows, there is a need for better management and system for proper governance. This webinar deals with governance of enterprise blockchain (consortia).

What is Blockchain Governance? Why is it important?
How does one preserve and strengthen stakeholders confidence in blockchain consortia?
How to align the goals of stakeholders for the blockchain project?
How to ensure the organisation is well placed to respond to a changing external and internal environment?
Who is responsible for implementing or changing the blockchain governance?
What are some challenges of some present types blockchain governance?

To answer above questions we have the guru of blockchain governance, Thomas Cox who will provide a small presentation and also take part in panel talk. Joining him will be two guests - Jorge Carrasco, Director of Emerging Technologies at Etisalat Digital and Rhett Oudkerk Pool, CEO of Europechain. The panel would be moderated by our president, Mohd Shahnawaz


Thomas B. Cox has a passion for the design of effective systems, processes, and governance. Currently, Thomas serves as Chief Governance Officer of StrongBlock, a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform and consultancy. He chairs IEEE’s P2145 “Blockchain/DLT Governance Standards” Working Group, and is the lead host of Enterprise DLT Live.
Jorge Carrasco is the Director of Emerging Technologies at Etisalat Digital, where he focuses on disrupting industries using the combination of Blockchain and telco capabilities. Jorge accumulates more than 10 years of international experience building and managing digital solutions accross different domains and holds an MBA with Honours from IE Business School. "
Rhett Oudkerk Pool is an entrepreneur and investor in Cyber Security and Blockchain companies. His major role now is CEO of Europechain, a GDPR supporting EOSIO Chain launched by 5 European Block Producers. Europechain is a GDPR compliant blockchain platform.


Mohd Shahnawaz is President of Government Blockchain Association UAE and has 15 years experience as an engineer with leadership roles in companies in Middle East, Africa and North America. Having worked on projects for both government sectors like DP World, US Army and Dry docks and also private sectors . He is a graduate with Degree in Engineering Hons. He is also graduate from Hyperledger and Consensys Developer Programs.


The Government Blockchain Association is an international non-profit, membership association that connects government and public sector organizations around the world to understand and implement blockchain technologies.

Date : 31st Oct 2020
Time : 7 pm Dubai time / 4 pm London / 11 am - New York & Toronto

This event is free. Please RSVP to receive the ZOOM link
<![CDATA[GBA Global Event - Central Bank Digital Currency(CBDC) Panel]]>Sun, 04 Oct 2020 18:51:19 GMThttp://gbauae.org/news/gba-global-event-central-bank-digital-currencycbdc-panel
We are had a major event in Aug 31 on Central Bank Digital currency -CBDC. CBDC as a digital representation of a sovereign currency issued by and as a liability of a jurisdiction’s central bank or other monetary authority. View videos here.

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) has emerged as one of the most compelling blockchain use cases for the banking industry. According to the Bank of International Settlements, over 70% of central banks are actively exploring digital currency, and in light of declining cash use, emerging forms of privately-issued money, and the COVID-19 pandemic, many believe the shift toward digital payments for central banks is increasingly imminent as a solution to improve financial access.

In the panel talk we will explore :-
- Possible design considerations of CBDC
- Timelines for launch of CBDC
- Privacy & data protection
- Impact on third party payment processing and retail banks
- Risks of using CBDC

We will have a panel discussion with the following esteemed guests:-

Gerard Dache - is the President of Government Blockchain Association which he started in 2016 and has over 50 chapters around the world, sits in boards ‎of many start ups. He also runs famous podcast - The Future of Money, Governance and the Law and is passionate about implementing voting in blockchain and DAOs governing organisations.

Vipin Bharathan is the founder of dlt.nyc and is the chair of the Identity Working Group in Hyperledger . A frequent contributor to Forbes magazine, he has also helped create a project in Hyperledger labs to explore standards of CBDC on ethereum called eThaler. Being the only coder on our panel. we will discuss more about possible architecture of CBDC with him.

Sonja Davidovic is an economist in the Offices of the Managing Director and a Digital Expert in the IT Department of International Monetary Fund, IMF where she has been for past 11 years. As Digital Expert, she is working on central bank digital currency implementation considerations. She is one of the co authors of paper "A Survey of Research on Retail Central Bank Digital Currency". She is also founding Advisory Board members of the IMF Innovation Lab.

Alex Tapscott along with the famous Don Tapscott co-founded the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI), a global think-tank investigating blockchain strategies, opportunities and use-cases. Alex is the co author of best selling books - Blockchain Revolution and Financial Services Revolution. Alex has extensive governance experience and is an advisor to the International Monetary Fund, Elections Canada and the World Economic Forum.

Gabriel Abed is the CEO of Bitt, cofounded in 2014, whose current clients include the Central Banks of Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank. Currently, Bitt is known for its application of
mMoney, which is championed by Barbados' Prime Minister Mia Amor
Mottley and has seen widespread adoption across services in Barbados including large merchants such as The Sol group, ICBL (Insurance
Corporation of Barbados Limited) and other 500+ merchants.

Ksenija Cipek, Dame of Honour is an International tax expert, lawmaker, projects leader, author, books writer, lecturer at University of Law. She is the Director / Head of Tax Risk Analysis with Ministry of Finance, Croatia and responsible for developments of CRMS and Tax Legislation potential risk areas on national level, studies and analysis of implementation new technologies, Creating and applying predictive analysis including impact of Tax Legislation, Creating new legislative framework focusing on improving compliance.

The Government Blockchain Association is an international non-profit, membership association that connects government and public sector organizations around the world to understand and implement blockchain technologies.
<![CDATA[GBA Exclusive - Rise of DAO - Organizations without Managers]]>Thu, 09 Jul 2020 04:23:23 GMThttp://gbauae.org/news/gba-exclusive-rise-of-dao-organizations-without-managers
.We are going to have a session on DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization on 7 pm Dubai time, 10 am Chicago time, 11 am New York time and 4 pm London time.

A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Its goal is to codify the rules and decision making apparatus of an organization, eliminating the need for documents and people in governing, creating a structure with decentralized control.

Max Gravitt, Founder at Digital Scarcity a company that focuses on building, launching, and driving user adoption of dapps. He has more than 20 years experience in technology field and would be discussing the launch of DAO for GBA - a new form of governance -DAO where instead of having management team deciding direction and goals of GBA, GBA members are starting to use the power of blockchain to seamlessly interact, coordinate efforts and make incentivized decisions with chapter members around the world. As GBA learns how to develop and use these technologies and principles, the organization can become a catalyst to help organizations and governments build reliable, transparent and high-integrity processes. This will increase the public-trust in the public sector leaders and institutions.

Carl Amorim is one of the initiators of Prospera, the first Brazilian Autonomous Distributed Organization (DAO) based on Blockchain. It launched the first Public Crypto Asset Offering in Brazil and the first initiative of its kind in the world that has already distributed revenues to it’s participants in 2017. He is CEO of the Blockchain Research Institute Brazil, Event organizer and curator: Blockchain Connect, Blockchain Week Brasil, BRI Brasil for Good. Trained as Civil Engineer from the Mackenzie University School of Engineering, MBA in Finance from the Brazilian Capital Markets Institute (IBMEC), post-graduate degree in Marketing from the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) and Master in Business Strategy and PhD student in Blockchain by Mackenize University.

Bill Warren is the co-founder of Peeps Democracy. Peeps created Peeps DAO, a cause-based, decentralized organization platform for nonprofits, political organizations, and social movements. Currently, Peeps is working on Pool Party, which will be a way for friends, neighbors, and strangers to save together for a shared goal or purchase, all while earning interest. Prior to Peeps Democracy Bill spent a few years both in corporate law and working for political campaigns.

Government Blockchain Association (GBA ) is a technology agnostic global association whose mission is to promote and accelerate blockchain adoption in government sector via via education, advocacy and innovation. We do not belong to any government or private institutions and we encourage the development of responsible legislation to support blockchain technologies that results in an environment that fosters innovation, jobs, and investment.

We have more than 50+ chapters around the world and any government official (membership is free) can join us and take part in various working groups, connect and exchange ideas in conferences and webinars. On January 2020, we had major event in Capitol Hill, Washington, USA where more than 450 government officials and blockchain professionals from around the world connected and exchanged ideas on implementing blockchain solutions to increase trust, transparency and solve critical problems.

7 pm Dubai time, 10 am Chicago time, 11 am New York time and 4 pm London time.


Meet up - https://www.meetup.com/GBAUAE/events/271580647/


<![CDATA[GBA USA & UK - Voting & Identity on Blockchain]]>Wed, 24 Jun 2020 05:00:00 GMThttp://gbauae.org/news/gba-usa-uk-voting-identity-on-blockchain
On June 27 7 pm Dubai time ( 11 am NY time, 4 pm UK time) we have members from GBA USA and UK to present their start ups. It would be 1 hour 30 minutes session.

Our presenters are : -

1, Philip Andreae is Chief Evangelist of Voatz (Voting on blockchain) and executive responsible for the original development of EMV, the standard for secure payment cards who also helped multiple countries embrace and deploy Chip ‘N PIN.

Voatz is a Boston based company that has developed and the first Mobile Phone-based Voting platform built upon a secure foundation and the immutability of a distributed Ledger. They have successfully operated 66 elections with a high degree of user satisfaction and, more importantly, an unrivaled level of voter participation.

2, Shiv Agarwal, Founder EarthId and President of Government Blockchain Association UK. Shiv is a technology entrepreneur, with a focus on products and services in niche areas.

EarthId is an award-winning, GDPR compliant, global decentralized identity management platform, empowering users with data-privacy, data-ownership, and consent-driven id verification.

Mr Jorge Sebastio who is advisor to GBA UAE and Mohd Shahnawaz , President of GBA UAE would host the guests and moderate the panel.

Government Blockchain Association or GBA as it is called is a technology agnostic global association whose mission is to promote and accelerate blockchain adoption in government sector via education, advocacy and innovation. www.gbauae.org

Membership is free for government officials so they can join us and take part in various working groups, connect and exchange ideas in conferences and webinars. For example we have a major event on March 2021 in Capitol Hill where government officials connected and exchanged ideas with blockchain professionals.

Our 50+ chapters leaders around the world meet every month to discuss and share best use cases in their countries .
We provide specific niche based blockchain courses (cybersecurity, health, etc) to government and private sectors.

RSVP here
<![CDATA[GBA EXCLUSIVE - Founding Father of Blockchain - Scott Stornetta May 30]]>Wed, 20 May 2020 08:08:20 GMThttp://gbauae.org/news/gba-exclusive-founding-father-of-blockchain-scott-stornetta-may-30
“Education is about imagining a world that you’d like to live in, and then trying to create that world. The world I wanted to live in was one where everyone could trust records.” - Dr. Scott Stornetta

Three of the eight research papers cited in Satoshi white paper were coauthored by W. Scott Stornetta and Stuart Haber. (White Paper here https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf)

Three papers he co authored used by Satoshi are :-(Read here https://nakamotoinstitute.org/authors/w-scott-stornetta/)
a,How to Time-Stamp a Digital Document - 1991
b, Improving the Efficiency and Reliability of Digital Time-Stamping - March 1992
c, Secure Names for Bit-Strings - April 1997

This is the most important event for Government Blockchain Association UAE for the whole year. We will host Dr. Scott Stornetta who is one of the founding father of blockchain.

Dr. Scott Stornetta is the blockchain co-inventor quoted in the Bitcoin whitepaper written by Satoshi Nakamoto, who created the first cryptocurrency in 2009. He earned a B.S. in Physics at Brigham Young University, and Harvard then a Ph.D. in Physics at the prestigious Stanford University. From there Scott went to work at at Bell Communications Research, a part of the former Bell Labs system.

He is also a notable figure in the world of cryptography and distributed computing. The first mention of a blockchain architecture was from a publication he co-authored which described a digital hierarchy system known as a “block chain” that utilized digital time-stamps for ordering transactions.

The concept of a block chain system was later adopted by Satoshi Nakamoto in developing the popular blockchain for Bitcoin. Together with his long-time colleague and collaborator, Stuart Haber, W. Scott Stornetta laid the foundation for the emergence of today’s blockchain technology revolution.

Spaces would be limited. Preference would be given to GBA members.

First 100 would be allowed in for this Zoom conference, rest can watch it live on youtube (link posted soon).

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<![CDATA[Power of Consensus in the Decentralized Worlds]]>Fri, 08 May 2020 09:26:45 GMThttp://gbauae.org/news/power-of-consensus-in-the-decentralized-worlds
Join us for an amazing session with Unit Ventures - Global Unconference - https://www.unit.ventures/globaluc/ going to take place on May 15, 6 30 pm Dubai time (GMT +4).

This talk is open for both for non technology and technology enthusiasts to understand the beautiful world of decentralization.

This would be multidisciplinary talk where I take examples from History, Politics, Biology and Technology to understand the "Power of Consensus in the Decentralized Worlds".
<![CDATA[GBA UAE Series- Implementing Blockchain Strategy- Cognizant & Avanza Innovations]]>Wed, 22 Apr 2020 06:20:34 GMThttp://gbauae.org/news/gba-uae-series-uaepass-enabled-blockchain-digital-vault-cognizant
The Dubai Blockchain Strategy, that was launched by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum in October 2016, establishes a roadmap for the introduction of Blockchain technology for Dubai and the creation of an open platform to share the technology with cities across the globe.

The Strategy is implemented three ways by

i, Government efficiency - the Strategy is intended to contribute to increased government efficiency by enabling a paperless digital layer for all city transactions.

ii,Industry creation - the Strategy will introduce a system for enabling the creation of new businesses using Blockchain technology. Industries that would likely benefit from Blockchain technology include: real estate, fin-tech and banking, healthcare, transportation, urban planning, smart energy, digital commerce and tourism

iii, International leadership - Dubai will open its Blockchain platform for global counterparts to enhance safety, security, and convenience for international travellers to Dubai.

We discuss implementation of Blockchain Strategy by some of the leading blockchain companies in the region.

We are going to discuss with Maroaun Aouri who is Chief Architect and Digital Transformation Director of Cognizant. He is going to present on Digital Vault project with federal government.

Second guest on panel is

Waqas Mirza is the founding CEO of Avanza Innovations.Under Waqas’ leadership Avanza Innovations has achieved the biggest market share in delivering national and city scale production-grade Blokchain and AI platforms to tier 1 government entities, regulators and large corporates in the GCC region.

Join us for webinar with

Opening - 5 mins by Mohd Shahnawaz
Presentation - 15 mins by Maroaun Aouri
Presentation - 15 mins by Waqas Mirza
Panel Q and A - 30 mins
Audience Q and A - 30 mins

April 29, 4 30 pm UAE time (GMT +4)

Webinar link would be sent to RSVP list.
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<![CDATA[GBA World Series USA – Healthcare and Blockchain]]>Tue, 14 Apr 2020 05:00:00 GMThttp://gbauae.org/news/gba-world-series-usa-healthcare-and-blockchain
This webinar is done in collaboration with GBA USA and GBA UAE. Government Blockchain Association or GBA as it is called is a technology-agnostic global association whose mission is to promote and accelerate blockchain adoption in government sectors via education, advocacy, and partnerships. We have 0ver 100 chapters around the world with headquarter in Virginia, USA. Local GBA chapters share the best use cases of their respective countries and acts as a catalyst in creating a public dialog around the creative and positive use of blockchain technology.

The healthcare industry can greatly benefit from blockchain technology. Healthcare has been slow in adopting new technologies and most of them are centralized data systems, health data regulation, and a mandate to focus on digitizing medical data in partnership with different electronic medical record (EMR) service providers. The data in healthcare is siloed that is fragmented and does not interact with one another. The interoperability is important in scenarios where health care providers want to seek information of the patients, during medical trials accessing information of the participants, companies seeking to ensure the authenticity of drugs circulating global markets.


Blood, Organs, and Testing Data on Blockchain

Dr. Alice Loveys – Dr. Ali Loveys is a seasoned clinical technology and digital business leader with over 20 years of experience in emerging technology strategy, adoption and optimization in healthcare. She currently serves as the Managing Director of Ernst and Young Federal Practice Digital Health and US Healthcare Blockchain for a large government consulting company.

Wassim Merheby – Mr. Merheby is the Cheif Executive Officer for Dhonor Healthtech, a blockchain-based, patient-centric verification solution for the Healthcare industry. It enables verified delivery of medicines, organ provenance verification. Mr. Merheby is a transformation leader who builds toolkits for governments and institutions to build digital native services promoting patient safety through eHealth AI, DLT & IOT solutions.

Telehealth, Telemedicine, and Healthcare Information Management
Marquis Allen – GBA Healthcare Working Group Leader. He has decades of experience in the healthcare informatics field and extensive experience with telehealth. He also is on the DC Government Blockchain Advisory Committee, leads a blockchain-based health-tech consulting company and is also involved in other healthcare startup companies.

Blockchain & Healthcare – Big Picture

Gerard Dache – Executive Director of the Government Blockchain Association (GBA). He founded and grew an organization of over 15,000 blockchain professionals in 100 cities around the world. He established the GBA Healthcare Working Group, helped develop the GBA Healthcare Specialist Certification curriculum and teaches the Blockchain Healthcare Specialist Course.

Moderated by Mohd Shahnawaz

April 16 5:30 pm (UAE time) (GMT +4)
<![CDATA[GBA UAE Webinar - Blockchain tackling COVID-19 pandemic - MEDsLOCK]]>Sun, 12 Apr 2020 18:53:44 GMThttp://gbauae.org/news/gba-uae-webinar-blockchain-tackling-covid-19-pandemic-medslock
GBA UAE is going to host Muhammad Salman Anjum, an esteemed TEd speaker and CEO of Avantas Tech Accelerator helping enable Enterprise Blockchain adoption with 18 years of experience in technology field. Salman have been active in blockchain space for quite sometime and would be presenting MedsLOCK.

MedsLOCK is a blockchain based platform, a monitoring, control & communication Ecosystem to provide real-time COVID-19 insights with integrity & intelligence. The Blockchain platform will provide real-time COVID-19 insights to governmental agencies, health officials, and other important stakeholders responding to the pandemic.

RSVP here https://www.meetup.com/GBAUAE/events/270005916/
<![CDATA[Implement Series: Two Blockchain Projects in Health Sector]]>Sat, 15 Feb 2020 06:00:00 GMThttp://gbauae.org/news/implement-series-two-blockchain-projects-in-health-sector
​Government Blockchain Association UAE (GBA UAE) is organizing Implement Series where a project would be showcased to show impact the blockchain is having in improving the quality of life.
We are going to host Wassim Merheby CEO of Quanterium Blockchain who is implementing two blockchain projects - Dhonor Blockchain (Organ Donation Tracking) and Verofax.

Dhonor blockchain was recently shortlisted as one of the leading ehealth blockchain application with Ministry of Health by World Economic Forum. Dhonor is organ donation tracking platform helping track provenence of organs and tackling trafficking.

Verofax is medicine delivery app which verifies authenticity of medicines, not damaged or tampered.

6:00 p.m - 6:30 p.m - Networking Session
6:30 pm - 6:35 pm - Opening by GBA President
6:35 pm - 6:45 p.m - Keynote by Huawei CTO, Jorge Sebastio
6:45 pm - 7:25 p.m - Presentation by Wassim Merheby (Dhonor and Verofax)
7:25 pm - 7:45 p.m - Q&A Session
7:45 pm - 8:15 pm - Audience Q&A

GBA UAE is a technology agnostic global association whose mission is to bring together all levels of government from around the world with various industries to facilitate the adoption of blockchain technology to increase the quality of life for all citizens on a global level.

Disclaimer - GBA UAE and does not contain advice and neither it is related or affiliated with the government of United Arab Emirates or any government around the world. Global Blockchain Association is a private entity providing information for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. We encourage you to consult with the appropriate professionals. We do not provide any kind of legal, investments or financial advice. The use or reliance of any information contained on this site is solely at your own risk.

RSVP here ​https://www.meetup.com/GBAUAE/events/268503255/